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Gabe - Noel

Composer     Collaborator     Musician

Gabe is such an incredible musician and person.  I know when I send Gabe a track I’m always going to love what I get back. It’s always exactly what the song needed and on top of that there will be some bonus creative options thrown in there I didn’t even know I needed.

-Greg Kurstin (Adele, Paul McCartney, Foo Fighters)

I’ve been working with Gabe Noel for 10 yrs and whether it’s in the studio or working remotely the results have been second to none. He’s One of the most innovative and brilliant musicians I’ve ever collaborated with. 

-David Holmes (Ocean’s Eleven, Killing Eve, Primal Scream)

Gabe’s the best.  String arranging, bass harmonica, whatever.  This is my fourth or fifth draft of this quote.  I’m not quite doing him justice but he’s one of my favorite people in the studio and he has brought something singular and surprising to everything we’ve done together.

- Father John Misty

Gabe Noel is one of the most original sounding musicians, composer, and arranger that I know here in LA. He brings his fresh sharp unfiltered ears and open heart to every song or project and gives you pure sonic bliss with beautiful dynamics, every time we have worked together. I can ask him to try anything and he will always deliver something much better and beyond what I had imagined. He’s is also one of the nicest, must humble guy I know and love to work with. ✌🏼😎

-Mario Caldato (Beastie Boys, Jack Johnson, Seu Jorge)

Over the years Gabe has contributed to many of my film scores. Every time he comes over it’s always surprising and inspiring. He is an original, an endless stream of ideas.  Since lock down I have continued to have him sprinkle multiple layers on my music, remotely, he never fails to add unique flavor and spontaneity to my music. Thanx for the inspiration!


-Mike Andrews (Donnie Darko, Bridesmaids, The Big Sick)

I saw Gabe play in silver lake in 2011; he was calling himself “JANITOR” at the time.  His humor first drew me in.  Honestly, he was the first person I heard transcribe a very rhythmic and melodically challenging language experience into music.  And there he was, clever, virtuosic, a superb musician.
Then I got to be in his presence and make music with him; that’s when the real lessons began. I carry several pearls of wisdom with me to this day.  His pocket and tone (of course) are top shelf, but he can hear and generate emotion as a Bassist, Cellist and
Songwriter.  I believe he is sharing much more than music…He is Emanating from his most profound, most authentic self. And that’s a quality that can be rare for such a successful and accomplished musician.

-Me’shell N’degeocello

Gabe is one of the most soulful musicians I know. We’ve been collaborating remotely and in person for years. I love sending him tracks because what he sends me always surpasses what I’m expecting, whether it’s something simple and subtle or something more bold and unique. His sound palette for bass makes me so happy. Totally unique sounds, ranging from sub tones to tick tack and everything in between. Upright bass is next level. I haven’t even mentioned how stunning his string arrangements are.  Cellos and arco bass arrangements and recordings that rule.

-Joey Waronker (Beck, Atoms For Peace, Roger Waters)

Gabe Noel somehow managed to allow us to close our eyes and imagine him in the room despite the constraints (physical and psychological) of the COVID-19 era as we recorded Molly Tuttle’s “...but i’d rather be with you”. His playing is the antithesis of the “session player’s” approach. Gabe joins the band.  
And, so, the band is better.

-Tony Berg (Andrew Bird, Phoebe Bridgers, Aimee Mann)

Gabe is one of the best bass players in LA.  He also has an amazing collection of unique instruments and he gets great sounds out of them.  Sometimes he sends me great ideas/loops to start songs from, other times i send him songs that need parts.  Either way, he’s bringing something magical to what I do. 

-Jesse Shatkin (Sia, Kelly Clarkson, Jennifer Lopez)

I met Gabe Noel via the composer of my last feature, STRANGERLAND.  Gabe and Keefus have worked together for a long time, and I always remembered his incredible strings and musicianship. When I made my next feature, ANGEL OF MINE, Keefus was unavailable, and by that time, Gabe had started composer scores of his own, and Keefus suggested him. I sent Gabe plus six other composers (some with way more industry credits than Gabe, including one whose feature had won an Academy Award) five scenes from the locked-off cut and asked them each to submit five songs. They all submitted their tracks, and my producers and I unanimously agreed that Gabe was the most unique, emotionally driven, and nuanced of all and selected him by far.  Gabe had only five weeks to compose the score, which had A LOT of music in it, and he did so with the utmost grace, humility, lack of ego, and professionalism. Gabe gave me SO MANY fantastic options and was so beautifully open, willing, and emotionally intuitive to receive feedback and deliver what the film needed. He signs his emails, IN SERVICE, GABE NOEL, and I have to say, this is true. He is of genuine service to the story,  always putting the needs of the film above ego, time restraints, everything. He created a remarkable score, far exceeding my expectations, and I will work with him again. Not only does he have all the years of musicianship behind him, but the way his mind and artistic flow works is wholly individual and bold and yet alarmingly sensitive. He is known to those who have experienced his gifts as - our secret weapon.
He would be a tremendous asset to any production.

Kim Farrant, Director (Strangerland, Angel of Mine)

Gabe Noel is a one stop magic shop of musical delights. what do you need? a locked in the cut slamming bass line, driving cellos, swirling cellos, plucked fantasies, Tiny kotos flying ‘cross the room, a sarangi to transport you to other worldly worlds.... one of the great pleasures of making records is adding overdubs and ear candy to an already built song or track.  There is no finer comrade in this undertaking than sir Gabe Noel. whether it be in person where you will be guaranteed strange laughs and strong outfits, or at a distance with the added thrill of sliding his tracks into your session and delighting in the added flavor! so, whether your scoring a film, making beats, building pop tunes,,, whatever... Gabe Noel is the move!

-Sunny Levine (Pete Yorn, Scarlett Johansson, Ariel Pink's Haunted Grafitti)

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